The Auditory Training ProgramTM (ATP) incorporating Besson-of-Switzerland technology is a clinical approach to address auditory processing difficulties/disorder (APD).

The Auditory Training Program integrates four auditory intervention techniques plus world leading Besson-of-Switzerland technology to provide a comprehensive approach to address auditory processing and receptive language skill development. The four ATP techniques: 1. Auditory Training based on real time filtered and boned conducted orchestral music incorporating Tomatis Techniques, 2. Dichotic Listening Training, 3. Speech, language and audio-vocal time expanded biofeedback and 4. Auditory Working Memory adaptive exercises.

The program incorporates techniques for the training of specific sound/speech frequencies with an emphasis on addressing pitch discrimination, dichotic listening (left versus right ear performance when stimuli are given simultaneously to both ears), sound intensity (volume changes), auditory figure ground differentiation (perceiving speech with background noise). The Auditory Training Program uses the Besson Auditory Training System ®, the original Swiss technology co-developed with Dr Alfred Tomatis.

Auditory Training ProgramTM practitioners use a broad battery of standardized auditory processing and speech and language assessment tools, including hearing tests, to identify specific auditory processing deficits enabling them to establish the difficulties and protocols that need to be used, and monitor the progress of customized programs.

The program involves the individual listening to orchestral compositions, speech and tones that are acoustically treated by the Besson technology in real time (not pre-recorded) affecting frequency, timing and volume, to produce custom auditory exercises to address the auditory difficulties. The program also includes audio-vocal exercises consisting of words, numbers and sentences, intended to train auditory perception to the 44 phonemes (smallest units of speech sound) in the English language. Furthermore, through a biofeedback loop, the program trains the ear-voice connection.

The program is underpinned by studio quality acoustic media (orchestral music and voice) and the technology of Besson-of-Switzerland, who collaborated with Dr Alfred Tomatis during the 1990's in the design and development of technology to support auditory training therapies based on orchestral music and bone conduction. Today Besson manufactures a range of state of the art products and systems to support auditory interventions. The current program incorporates significant technical advances since the auditory training techniques were first pioneered by Besson and Tomatis two decades ago, reflecting recent research in the field of Auditory Training, scientific advancements and an up-to-date understanding of the auditory system and auditory processing networks.

The Auditory Training ProgramTM is an uncompromising approach to comprehensively address auditory processing difficulties/disorder.


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