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Auditory Processing

Auditory processing can be described as “what the brain does with what the ear hears” (Florida Department of Education, 2001, pg. 2). As sound travels through the ear it causes structures inside the ear to vibrate. These vibrations are then changed into electrical energy, which then travels through nerves in the central auditory nervous system…

For Schools

The BAT [Brain & Auditory Training] program using ATP technology is being used in schools. The program is structured to support various numbers of students from individual cases through to intervention support groups of 40 and more.

For Clinicians

The Auditory Training Program (ATP) offers a clinical approach to addressing auditory deficits in clients. ATP is a combination of three distinct auditory intervention techniques intended to provide a comprehensive approach to address auditory processing and receptive language skill development: 1. Dichotic auditory training, 2. Sound training based on orchestral music and 3. Speech, language…

For Individuals

ATP [Auditory Training Program] works on the concept of neuroplasticity of our Auditory system - that through the repetition of specific auditory exercises we can change how the brain functions. Neuroplasticity of the brain allows us to learn new skills, however in the case where we are seeking to address specific deficits in the auditory…