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Research: University of Melbourne on ATP

Felicity Ebdon, in her thesis: "Improving Auditory Processing Skills in Children with Auditory Processing Disorder through Auditory Training" University of Melbourne, 2011, studied the use of the Auditory Training Program using Besson-of-Switzerland technology on clients of the Listen And Learn Centre. Summary of Findings Auditory processing disorder (APD) is an ill-defined, debilitating disorder that has…

Research: Central Auditory Plasticity

Central Auditory Plasticity - Changes in the N1-P2 Complex after Speech-Sound Training Ear & Hearing: April 2001 - Volume 22 - Issue 2 - pp 79-90 Tremblay, Kelly; Kraus, Nina; McGee, Therese; Ponton, Curtis; Otis, and Brian Objective: To determine whether the N1-P2 complex reflects training-induced changes in neural activity associated with improved voice-onset-time (VOT)…

Research: Music training for the development of auditory skills

Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11, 599-605 (August 2010) | doi:10.1038/nrn2882 Music training for the development of auditory skills Nina Kraus & Bharath Chandrasekaran Abstract The effects of music training in relation to brain plasticity have caused excitement, evident from the popularity of books on this topic among scientists and the general public. Neuroscience research has shown…

Auditory Processing skills

Auditory Processing skills The ability to engage in complex processes such as understanding spoken language or playing a musical instrument relies on auditory processing skills. Auditory processing is not a rigid encapsulated skill; rather, it is a complex set of abilities that interacts intimately with other neural systems and is affected by experience, environmental influences…