What is the Tomatis Method?

What is the Tomatis Method?

The Tomatis Method was a term coined to describe the concepts of auditory training that were pioneer by Dr Alfred Tomatis and described in his books. Most of the books were published in French, however one of the few translated into english was "the Consious Ear". Today the term "Tomatis Method" is often used by many sound therapy practitioners to indicate that they are providing sound therapy based on the principles established by Dr Alfred Tomatis without a description as to which aspects of the Tomatis Method are being applied.

It is important to note that while practitioners may refer as providing the Tomatis Method, the technologies vary from simple ipad apps to sophisticated studio quality systems, therefore the remediation outcomes will vary based on the sophistication of the technology and the skill of the clinician. Ipad apps simply do not have the technical ability to replicate the quality and complexity of sound training that was established by Dr Alfred Tomatis using high fidelity clinical systems, therefore clients should be aware that auditory processing outomes will reflect the level of technology used to deliver the auditory program.

Norman Doidge's book "the brain that changes itself"

Norman Doidge in his most recent book "the brain that changes itself" has dedicated a chapter to the concept of healing the brain using auditory training techniques.

Norman highlights the work of Paul Madaule and Ron Minson who have based their approaches to remediating auditory deficits by the use of techniques pioneered by Dr Alfred Tomatis in France during the latter half of the 20th Century.

The Auditory Training ProgramTM versus Tomatis Method

The Auditory Training Program incorporates techniques that have been evolved since the time of Dr Tomatis, including Dichotic training, Auditory figure ground training and other auditory interventions made possible with evolving technologies.

Underpinning the Auditory Training Program is the equipment made by Besson-of-Switzerland. Besson worked with Dr Alfred Tomatis in the 1990's to co-develop the Tomatis electroic ear and today is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced auditory training technologies.

Unlike the Tomatis "Solisten" option of a mini tablet pre-loaded with apps that play a standard set of music tracks, the Auditory Training ProgramTM uses high fidelity studio quality equipment and high quality audio to delivery an uncompromising approach to addressing auditory processing deficits.

Technologies such as "Solisten" use pre-recorded sound treatments that do not vary the time or point of stimulation when tracks are replayed (e.g. no dynamic gating in real time), can cause auditory habituation and thus program inefficiency.